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Bezdik Kassab is committed to providing its clients with a wide variety of real estate legal services whether it involves the consummation of a residential or commercial real estate transaction or litigating a real estate dispute. Having competent and reliable legal counsel to protect you and your best interests is essential. The attorneys at Bezdik Kassab have a wealth of transaction and litigation experience and a deep expertise in the real estate industry, including representing the rights of property owners, lenders, landlords, and tenants.

Bezdik Kassab represents its clients in all phases of a real estate transaction, from the negotiation process through closing. The attorneys at Bezdik Kassab are experienced in both routine and complex residential and commercial real estate transactions ranging in acquisition, financing, contracts, land sales, leasing and purchase options, disposition/sale, Section 1031 exchanges, titles and foreclosure. Bezdik Kassab will help you understand your legal rights and options so you can make informed decisions.

Sometimes a real estate transaction does not go as planned and heads towards litigation. The attorneys at Bezdik Kassab can represent your interests in bringing or defending a dispute related to:

Through strong preparation and diligence, combined with years of experience in real estate transactions, Bezdik Kassab is able to deliver exceptional representation and service in securing its clients’ interests and achieving optimal results.

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