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Estate Planning

Plan Today for Tomorrow.

Bezdik Kassab can help you plan ahead for your future peace of mind. After working hard throughout your life to accumulate your wealth, you want to be able to secure what you’ve earned and pass it on to your children or next of kin. The firm’s Estate Planning practice and focus includes:

Estate and Tax Planning
Planning is essential to securing the maximum benefit for your loved ones and that means understanding the legal and tax consequences with respect to estate planning. Bezdik Kassab can assist with your estate planning needs and can identify and navigate through your various issues and concerns.
Estate and Trust Administration
Subsequent to the settlor’s death, a trustee is tasked with managing the trust property pursuant to the terms of the trust and settling the estate, including inventory and valuation of the trust assets, paying bills, expenses and taxes, distributing the assets and terminating the trust. Hiring an attorney can facilitate the trustees through this process and ensure that the trustee is performing his or her duties with confidence and that the intentions of the settlor are properly executed. Bezdik Kassab can assist with this process, including settling any claims, advising on distribution of assets and preparing any necessary documents to effectuate the transfers.
Preparation of Wills, Trust Instruments and Related Documents
Wills and trusts can be beneficial estate planning devices that can facilitate transferring your assets upon death. These instruments will dictate who you want your assets transferred to and how. The attorneys at Bezdik Kassab will help you put a plan in place so that you have a legally enforceable document that will give you peace of mind so that you can provide security for your family and avoid unexpected outcomes.
Planning for Disability, including Documents Used to Delegate Health Care Decisions
It is critical to plan for control over your financial and healthcare decision making in the future. By preparing various documents such as a power of attorney and an advanced healthcare directive, Bezdik Kassab can help you properly plan and ensure that your wishes are clearly laid out and legally effective.
Planning for Efficient and Maximum Use of Potential Tax Advantages
Bezdik Kassab will help you put a plan in place to take advantage of several tax benefits such as the Annual Gift Tax Exclusion or the Lifetime Exemption that can have financial advantages for you and your family.

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