Business Litigation & Transactions (BLT)

Business Transactions

The Deal Is In the Detail.

Bezdik Kassab has experience with the consummation over a thousand business transactions in various industries and can assist you with identifying and addressing specific legal issues that your business is facing; shaping and restructuring your business policy; and/or serving as outside general counsel to address all your legal needs on a fixed monthly retainer. The firm’s Business Transactions practice and focus includes:

Business Entity Formation & Maintenance
Proper planning is necessary when setting up your own business, whether it be a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or a corporation. Bezdik Kassab can assist you in selecting the proper organizational structure and will draft the appropriate governing documents depending on the structure selected, including bylaws, corporate resolutions, shareholder agreements & minutes as well as LLC operating agreements and all required Secretary of State filings needed for upkeep and maintenance.
Corporate Governance & Operations Manuals
An effective corporate governance and operations manual is an important consideration in strengthening your business. The proper governance and operating manuals, which define the mechanisms and processes through which governance is implemented, can help you enhance oversight capabilities and implement significant governance initiatives in your business.
Corporate Expansion, Acquisitions & Dissolutions
Business owners should constantly be considering the future of their business. Bezdik Kassab can serve as general counsel for your business, whether small, mid size or large, and assist you with exploring and planning the formation, expansion or dissolution of your business as well as succession planning.
Regulatory Compliance
Bezdik Kassab can help you understand your responsibilities for regulatory compliance to ensure that you are complying with all laws and regulations applicable to your business. Regulations can vary depending on the industry your involved in, including, for example, compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). Contact Bezdik Kassab to assist you with identifying and ensuring compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations in your industry.
Serving as Outside General Counsel
Your business may benefit by having outside general counsel at its disposal to assist with legal issues as they arise. At Bezdik Kassab, our attorneys can serve as your legal advisor to address present legal issues and to identify potential issues to guide you in restructuring your business policies. As general counsel, Bezdik Kassab can also offer numerous legal services at your disposal, including drafting or reviewing contracts and/or ensuring proper compliance. Hiring Bezdik Kassab as your outside general counsel gives you peace of mind that your present and future legal issues are being addressed as needed or at a reduced monthly retainer that accommodates your budget and goals.
Sale and Purchase of a Business
Purchasing or selling a business can be a tremendous and sometimes complicated undertaking. Bezdik Kassab has over 16 years of experience with selling and purchasing business entities and can assist you with drafting the appropriate documents, thinking about the right issues and negotiating a deal to ensure a successful consummation of the sale or purchase of your business.
Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements
With the ever changing employment requirements, it is critical that your business’s employment and independent contractor agreements are updated and in compliance. Bezdik Kassab can assist you with making your agreements bullet proof to potentially minimize exposure to employment and other lawsuits.
Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) are critical in maintaining confidentiality and secrecy with information and trade secrets involving your business. An NDA is important to ensure that no individual or entity disseminates information obtained through their employment or otherwise to the general marketplace. Bezdik Kassab can assist you with drafting an NDA and identifying those issues that are critical for your business.
Licensing & Distribution Agreements
A licensing agreement gives a party the right to use intellectual property (i.e. trademark, copyright, patent) in exchange for payment, such as a royalty. A distribution agreement is typically an agreement between a manufacturer or producer and an independent contractor who sells or distributes a certain product in the marketplace. Bezdik Kassab can assist your business in navigating through these terms and drafting an agreement that will give you peace of mind.
Promissory Notes, Security Agreements and Applicable UCC Filings
If your business needs to borrower money to, for example, purchase new equipment or increase inventory, you will need a promissory note and security agreement, which outline the terms and conditions for the repayment of the loan and serve as collateral. Bezdik Kassab can assist in drafting the appropriate promissory note for secured or unsecured loans, security agreement and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, which are forms that creditors file to give notice of their interest in personal or business property.

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